Waiting For Hamlet

Winner of the Kenneth Branagh New Drama Writing Award 2018

Winner: OnComm Award 2020

Winner: Michael Graney Bursary, Brighton Fringe 2021

Written by David Visick
Performed by Tim Marriott (The King) and Nicholas Collett (The Fool)
Audio version directed and edited by Trevor Datson

Only Yorick can stop dead King Hamlet destroying everything and everyone he loves. But he’s a fool.

It’s not a question of whether to be or not to be. It’s about how not to be. It’s about love, and loss, and legacy and letting go.

And hats. Hats are important.

It’s a battle of wits between two fools – and only one of them knows he’s a fool.

Waiting For Hamlet is a comedy about a tragedy, and a love letter to the greatest play ever written.