Waiting For Hamlet

Winner: OnComm Award 2020

An award-winning play about two of Shakespeare’s best-known characters trapped in
limbo 400 years ago has been brought to life by a production team in real-life lockdown.
David Visick’s “Waiting for Hamlet”, which won the Kenneth Branagh New Drama Writing
Award at the 2018 Windsor Fringe, tells the story of dead King Hamlet, who wants to leave
his purgatorial home to talk to his son ― while his faithful companion Yorick has to stop him
making the worst decision of his afterlife.
Scheduled to premiere online at 8pm UK time on Friday, May 1, “Waiting for Hamlet” can be
heard here
Described by the Branagh award judges as “clever, funny and skillfully written,” “Waiting for
Hamlet” is a uniquely timely piece of drama in a world that is itself longing to escape from
Originally scheduled for a summer UK tour from Brighton to Edinburgh, Waiting for
Hamlet has now been reborn for radio, with actors Nicholas Collett (Yorick) and Tim
Marriott (The King) recording their parts in home-made sound booths thirty miles apart on
the Sussex Coast, with their audio edited and placed onto an ethereal soundstage by director Trevor Datson from his studio in Surrey.
David Visick explains: “We had big plans for our debut season, but rather than wait for the
theatres to re-open we decided to make a high-quality recording – no easy task when your
actors are 30 miles apart.
“Tim and Nic created home studios from bedclothes and broomsticks, and monitored each
other via headphones while recording clean audio. To create the back-and-forth of live
interaction and to get the timing spot-on, we had to eliminate the delays that come with
communicating over the internet – that’s thousands of edits over a 45-minute production.”

The play, which Visick describes as “a comedy about a tragedy, and a love song to the
greatest play ever written,” will be streamed at waitingforhamlet.com.
The team are also planning a ‘front path red carpet’ premiere on May 1, with virtual guests
invited to post film clips of themselves arriving for the premiere at their own front door.